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    Well this Time i thought i Disable the "Bump-Map "! In my Xnalara ?
    Well i had Trouble Of trying to Edit "Miranda's Face-Tone "! So I Edited it in "The Metal-Editer "! Option In my Xnlara and i sort of Finished it of with My "iPiicy "! ?
    Well i tryed To Match The "Face-tone The Same as "Widowmaker's "!?
    ( Link: http://wallup.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/99902-Widowmaker-video_games-Overwatch.png)

    So I tryed To Match Both Miranda's and Widowmakers Face-Tones "! So They Match ?
    So Yer Haaaa ! So i Admit THIS not My Beast ?
    Well Its The best I Can Do ?
    XD !
    So I did'nt Do Mutch this Time ? So I Only Edited the Face-Tone "! abit And I only Brighted And Changed the Colour Bit with My "PhotoScape "! ?

    XD !