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Lodging Deletion Appeals: Step-by-Step

So there was a picture on Danbooru that you liked, only to find that it got deleted after three days? Danbooru has a Deletion Appeal Process which deleted posts may be considered for undeletion and reinstated into the permanent collection.

This guide will show you how to lodge a Deletion Appeal for deletions which may have been done in haste.

0. Prerequisite Knowledge

Users are assumed to have a reasonable understanding of our posting guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with the Quality Guidelines, Moderation Queue and the deletion Appeal Guidelines before making an appeal, if you haven't done so. You may even realize by yourself the reason a post was deleted.

Reading List:

1. Identify the posts you want to appeal for

Note down the id: of a deleted post. Deleted posts may be accessed through several ways:

If you posted the picture:

  • Go to your My Account panel, then go to My Profile.
  • Click on the number next to Deleted Posts on your statistics. It is below your Posts count.
  • All your posts which have been deleted will be shown in thumbnail view. Identify the post in question you want to appeal, and click on its thumbnail to open it.
    • You can still open deleted posts, but the full image will not be available. Only the thumbnail remains after a post has been deleted, for archival purposes.

If you are appealing for a missing image in a series you did not upload:

  • This will only work if the series (such as pages from a doujin volume) was organized into a pool.
  • Go to the pool in question. Take note of the pool id. It is shown at the end of the URL of the pool's thumbnail page, as in pool/show/1214.
  • Perform a search
    • Go back to Posts
    • Search for deleted images within the pool, by entering pool:XXXX status:deleted into the search box.
    • If I am looking for deleted pictures that were once part of Pool 1214, I will enter pool:1214 status:deleted
  • If the posts were not organized into a pool, it is best that the original uploader pools them and takes responsibility for their undeletion.

The id: will be on the left pane, right under the Statistics section.

2. Head on to the Deletion Appeals Thread, forum #12247

Please lodge all your deletion appeals into this thread. Mod Queue Masters particularly do not like it when users create new threads to appeal deletions.

Additional rules not covered in this guide or the Guidelines may be imposed in the thread from time to time, so it is important to read the rules if you haven't done so.

3. Write your appeal

Lodge an appeal by clicking on Respond at the bottom of the page. You can do this from any page in the forum.

If you haven't posted in the forums before, the box that appears will be where you write your appeal.

A Deletion Appeal should simply be a nondescript post with a list of short links to posts (in this format: post #XXXXXX) you wish to be considered. Comments should be short, at most under 20 words.

Example of a Deletion Appeal:

Missing pages from pool #902100: Touhou Moriyama Hills

post #21826937
post #21827047
post #21829319
post #21810794
post #21810049

This is just an example, based off an actual deletion appeal from a reputed uploader, as seen at forum #46759

4. Lodge your appeal

Preview as necessary, then click on Post to lodge your Deletion Appeal.

The Queue Masters will attend to your appeal shortly. Please be patient. Our Queue Masters have a lot to do (on Danbooru, and in their own personal lives), and as such reviews may take at least a few days to complete.


If it appears that no action is being taken:

  • If you do not get a reply for an individual post, it is likely that the Queue Masters have made up their mind that the post shall remain deleted. We thank you for your time, but it was very likely the post was not up to our quality standards, or was too distasteful to our Queue Masters.
  • If the Deletion Appeal is extremely important, especially in the case of missing pages from a doujin volume, raise the issue in a new forum thread.

Recent appeals can be found on the Post Appeal page.

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